Saturday, February 23, 2008


I only knew one man as a grandfather growing up. My papaw, C.C. Cannon, or "Ace" to his friends and flying buddies sure liked to keep things interesting. I can remember how much fun it would be when he would drive me home from staying at his and Mamaw's house in Greenfield. When Papaw would take me home, we'd sometimes get to go "the fun way". It was a collection of back roads that had more drops and rises than the best roller coaster. He was used to flying airplanes, and he drove just like he was flying. It was a lot of fun. Looking back, there are so many lessons that I can say I learned from this man.
He was a staple around our home church. His handlebar mustache was always present and for many years he served as a deacon. Many in the church respected him as an older man in the faith. I remember spending time at their house and seeing him studying the Bible, intent on teaching a good lesson. Papaw was strict and expected good behavior, but he had a generous heart and an incredible sense of humor. One of my favorite pictures is a computer printout (pretty high tech in the 80s) of Papaw and me from when we went to the county fair together and I got to ride the ferris wheel. They had this little booth where you could get your picture made right there on the spot! (yeah for technology) There are so many other stories to tell about my papaw. But the most important story he would want to tell you would be about his Savior, Jesus Christ. There was never a doubt in my mind how Papaw felt about God and his pride in the fact that I went into the ministry was always apparent and voiced. He taught me to love people and to pray for God to make me love the ones I didn't. He was quite a man.
On Thursday Feb. 21, 2008, my papaw C.C. Cannon went home to live forever with his Lord and Savior. I can't begin to tell you how much I miss him, but the indellible imprint he left on my life will remain until the day I too make my transition to my eternal home. So often, we don't realize the impact that those around us actually have on us. I encourage you to look around you for people who are making a positive impact on your life and are directing you to Jesus. Thank God for them and feel a freedom in telling them what they have meant to you.
We also have the opportunity to be the impact on the lives of those around us. It is my hope for you that you would look around you to those lives that you can impact for Christ and that your heart would burn with a passion to see those lives changed by the One who can really change them: Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless you.